"Thank you so much for all your time and patience. It was a real pleasure to work with you."


"I don't enjoy having my picture taken. The resulting portrait looks very like someone I'd like to feel like which is great."

TOBY JONES - actor

"Andrew's work is simply beautiful."


"Andrew has brought a wealth of imagination and creative flair to his work with BeauFort London. His ability to transform our sometimes vague briefs into highly finessed, sumptuous images is a credit to his artistic empathy, patience and technical ability. He is of course, truly professional, and above all, a perfectionist: a fact that is echoed throughout his portfolio."

LEO CRABTREE - BeauFort London

"Andrew is incredibly talented. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and be around. One of my top five humans!"

DOUGIE POYNTER - musician and actor

"I’m not a big fan of having my photo taken. Andrew made it painless and quick – it was like sex with me but with more pleasing results."

JIMMY CARR - comedian

"Top drawer photographic work from a great guy - fast, creative and classy."

SAM WILLIAMS - music producer

"Andrew is so fast and unfussy that's it's a shock to see how stunning the results are - classy, beautiful and wholly original."

JOHN LLOYD CBE - BAFTA winning producer and writer

"Andrew manages to make me look almost human which is a tremendous achievement given the circumstances."

TERRY JONES - director, writer, actor and historian

"Andrew was an absolute pleasure to work with. The images we produced together captured incredible style and character with a lot of depth. His work always portrays such a high level of professionalism, this is a photographer who is a true master of his craft."

MISS BETSY ROSE - Burlesque performer and vintage darling

"I looked at the portraits in awe and was immediately convinced he'd got the wrong sitter."


"Andrew is a man of his word - quick and easy."

RICHARD WILSON OBE- actor and director

"Andrew is not just a photographer who shoots... He is a true artist and the camera is his medium. No one can capture my hats more beautifully that he can. He has an amazing ability to compliment everything and everyone he photographs."